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  • Entry Hygiene System- HygieneWatch™

    Scientific, Antiseptic Hand & Footwash Drill

    Conducts scientific, antiseptic hand-foot wash drill - uniformly and automatically.  The result is near perfect disinfection of hands and feet eliminating risk of cross infection.

    Your employee’s hands and feet are no more carriers of harmful germs and bacteria.

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  • Access Controlled Turnstile

    Tripod Turnstile with Electronics for conditional entry to GMP space

    Allows entry to GMP space if and only if hygiene drill is completed successfully.

    Irrespective of organizational, financial and social position, SimSys Entry Hygiene System implements basic GMP hygiene requirement without any deviation or compromise.

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  • Real Time Graphical Indicator
    of Hygiene Activities

    Online -Offline Monitoring & Record of hygiene practices

    Provides online / offline monitoring & historical record of hygiene practices of every person entering into GMP area.  Online Graphical indicator provides status of every activity to hygiene manager with historical record maintained up to storage capacity of your computer. 

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  • Entry 'HygieneWatch™' Software

    Tamper Proof Entry Hygiene Compliance Reports

    Prints Entry Hygiene Compliance Reports which are tamper - proof, at the click of mouse.

    Now there is no need of maintaining separate records in excel and generate record as is required at the time of WHO / FDA / Third Party Inspection. 

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  • 100 % Environment Friendly

    Save Paper, Save Water and Save Money Also !

    GMP Entry Hygiene System is 100 % Environment Friendly and Also saves a lot of money for You and Your Organization.

    GMP Entry Hygiene System is highly Eco Friendly due to no use of paper napkins and reduction in use of water, and reducing outflow of disinfectant solution.  

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  • Best Entry Hygiene Practices

    De-stressing, Pleasant Entry Hygiene Practices !

    Transforms a routine, boring, monotonous, daily drill of hand-foot wash into a de-stressing, pleasant and most entertaining experience.

    Obviously, there is whole hearted participation of every body in passing through the hygiene station and following personal hygiene practices before entry to GMP area. 

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  Welcome to HygieneWatch™: SimSys GMP Entry Hygiene System ! Hygiene Checklist - Click here
GMP HygieneWatch™ is designed on the lines of international GMP practices and WHO guidelines for implementation of optimal sanitary management at entrance to GMP / Clean room / sterile space. It enforces hand & foot wash drill very strictly but softly (Software wise).

GAMP Welcome to GMP Entry Hygiene Solution
Hygiene Management

While importance & benefits of optimum hygiene at entrance need not be overemphasized, SimSys recognized need for a system for its 100% compliance through on line – off line monitoring & control.

SimSys Technologies Pvt. Ltd. manufactures systems that enforce, control and monitor proper hand-foot hygiene which is essential to protecting both people & product they handle in GMP environment.

HygieneWatch™ - SimSys GMP Entry Hygiene System is a comprehensive suit of hardware & software. It is a technology solution for effective infection control and hygiene management, through automated hand - foot wash stations & HygieneWatch™ software for online monitoring & control throughout GMP workplace.

It empowers Hygiene manager / Quality Assurance managers / Production managers to break the chain of contamination decisively.

HygieneWatch™ - SimSys GMP Entry Hygiene System has five essential components.
1. Hand wash station.
2. Foot wash station.
3. Access controlled flap gate or tripod turnstile.
4. HygieneWatch™ System Software.
5. HygieneTotall™ – Disinfectant solution.
Entry Hygiene System Components
Handwash Station
controlled personal hygiene, wash stands, hands disinfection,
Footwash Station
Footwash hygiene station, hygiene equipment, hygiene system, hygiene station, hygiene machines The Footwash unit is placed just in front of hand wash station. It consists of foot wash tub and control cabinet with disinfectant solution day tank ...
Access Controlled Door
controlled hygiene area, Compact Hygiene Station One Way Access, Access controlled hygiene station This is a waist high tripod turnstile to ensure that only one person at a time moves in through it.  It has all the necessary electronics so that “No hand / foot wash no entry to GMP area” is ...
'Hygiene Watch' Software
'Hygiene Watch' Software, Industrial Hygiene Management Software, Hygiene control software, GMP entry hygiene monitoring & control software (Hygiene-Watch) is backbone to all functionalities & features of the system. It has capacity to communicate amongst ...
Hand Foot Washing For GMP Compliance